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My marketing business has no international boundaries and I have been fortunate enough to take my work with me as we travelled. We moved to across 2 continents and 4 cities over 15 years and the experience has been enriching and rewarding for our whole family.

Moving a lot does have its challenges though, especially with children in tow. My eldest daughter had to start 6 new schools and as a parent I felt it was my responsibility to help her settle, make new friends and flourish at school. Being involved in their education and school life is very important to me but connecting with the other parents each time we moved became a challenge.

mySircles is the app that I developed as an antidote to this problem I was experiencing. It came from a personal need, moving my daughter across continents and cities was difficult enough, without the added complexity of not being able to reach out to the parents of children in her class at school.

The journey wasn’t simple though, I am not ashamed to admit that when I started the process I was quite naive. I believed that my two decades of marketing experience would help me along the way, but developing an app is complex and requires long-term investment and time.

During this process, I made mistakes, but through reflection I have understood how I could have avoided them. It has been an incredible journey and to have the product ready to launch gives me goose bumps.

As my own business has grown, so has my family. My two girls have grown up watching me, carve my own career path and I feel proud of the example I have been able to set for them.It is my children and my experience as a parent that inspired me to take a side step and explore the world of App development and it will always be my children that motivate me to keep striving to set a good example, even when things get tough.

The process of app development has been an enormous learning curve, especially as I started the journey with zero tech knowledge.  I was nominated at a runner up in the Techpreneur awards at The House of Lords and invited to 10 Downing Street.

I am so grateful to have experienced the entire process though because now I am really enjoying the opportunity to help others who dream of creating their own App but are blocked by the same obstacles that I was.

Honestly, if I can do it, anyone can!

Techpreneur House of Lords Runner Up

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